House Rules

Pathfinder House Rules!

Hey guys, I wanted to just put a note together on a few rules things for character generation.

1) We are using the point buy system for Pathfinder. That’s 25 points for the Epic Fantasy setting. On the Google Share drive, you will find a file called “Ginger’s PFRPG point buy sheet”. This excel file will do the auto-calculating for you. It is awesome that way.

2) There is a feat in the main book (strike back) that I have eliminated from the rules; In my GM opinion everyone has this feat naturally. (But don’t add it to your character sheet!)

3) During character generation, you will be able to select 2 traits. Traits are basically background pieces for your character to help flesh out who you are and where you came from. They also provide some minor benefit as well. 1 will come from the Campaign players guide that I sent out previously (It is on the shared Google Drive space). The other will come from a list from the “Advanced players guide.”

4) Lastly, I wanted to explain the missed-game style summoning. In my world, creatures are not the only things that can be summoned. If you miss a game, it just happens that that moment in time, your character has been summoned away by some other magic user on another plane. Time passes differently on the different planes, so we don’t need to worry about lost time. The good news is, the universe keeps track of where you should be. You will always reappear where the universe thinks you best fit. (IE, with the party.) The phenomena is simply understood by all adventurers, and is not a particular mystery. This allows for us to easily accommodate people who miss a session or show up late/have to leave early.

House Rules

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